Business Listing on CFB Kingston Landing Page (24)

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 Enhanced Advertisement Listing ($259.99 – yearly advertisement fee)

  • Business Name, Phone Number, Address
  • Listing will be posted on the CFB Kingston landing page
  • Email, Website, Company Logo
  • 150 words of text ( we will have the text translated )
  • Military Discount/ Offer/ Special Pricing explained
  • Three Facebook posts per year
  • Promote directly to the 108,000 Canadian Forces Unit Kingston
  • Reach members being posted to Kingston
  • Three Facebook posts per year
  • Connect with members who are about to retire and move to Kingston
  • CFB Kingston will continue to provide you with a local representative to assist you with managing your offer.
  • The CF Appreciation is a National Program with a reach of 1.3 Million CFOne Community Members.
  •  Mobile App; which will make members aware of what businesses are  located around them.
  • All business will be geolocated on an interactive map. ( Canada Wide)
  • Members visiting or driving through Kingston will be made aware of all opportunities around them.
Our pricing has not changed; however we are able to offer you added value!
It’s a great opportunity for your business!